Indian Idol would-be winner: NC Karunya

This Abhishek Bachchan look alike has a very flexible voice and is very popular with audiences as well.


16 March 2006


Name: NC Karunya

Date of Birth: March 1, 1986

Place of Birth: Hyderabad

From: Hyderabad

Education: B-Tech (Third Year) in Electronics & Communications

Keyword: KARUNYA

NC Karunya from Hyderabad is just 19 years old. But, he has already made it to the final three in the Indian Idol talent search. A south Indian who sings flawlessly in Punjabi, this contestant is very popular with the audiences. 

He feels his best performance was the song "Kawa Kawa" from Monsoon Wedding.

So far the only South Indian to make it to this stage in the Indian Idol talent search, N C Karunya chances are pretty good. Audiences love his Abhishek Bachchan looks and voice. 
He`s been singing since he was three years old and has the full support of his parents. `My parents live in my dream world. They have seen me wanting to be a singer and have done all they could to help me attain my goal, ` says Karunya. 

His favorite artists are Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, P Sushila, and Ghantasaala.

Before Amey Date was voted out, Karunya thought of him as his biggest threat. “My toughest contender would be Amey because he is a good singer & has experience behind him. He has the X factor & the mass appeal he has a great fan following,” he is reported to have said. 

And what about his strengths? Says Karunya, “Something that I have & he (Amey) doesn`t is that though he is a very good singer and has an excellent voice, that Marathi accent in his voice affects his singing. He doesn’t have a flexible voice. On the other hand, I can sing all type of songs like Punjabi, Western, Romantic & even songs with a high range.”

Anuj Sharma, NC Karunya and Sandeep Acharya




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