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3 Nov 2005 

Here's the first of our stories - 

Now Clean Power, courtesy Merc

Nintendo Revolution launch by end 2006?



Nokia N92 mobile TV phone launch in 2006

Nokia N92 image 1

Nokia has announced the revolutionary Nokia N92 mobile phone. Read on for the latest and view the photo gallery.

3 Nov, 2005: Sure The Nokia N92 is gonna cost a lot - thats what all the best things in the world do. But you got phone, video and TV and music player and 2 cameras

The N92 will feature integrated DVB-H for mobile TV - means you don't have to go through a mobile operator. If a service provide is available (and there will be) when the phone is launched in 2006, you can access 50 channels directly on the phone. Record them too. And when you are through with that, use it to play your MP3 collection. Who knows, Nokia may offer a larger storage so you can overcome the N92's 1500 songs limit too by then.

Nokia press statement: "The Nokia N92 is the world's first mobile device with a built-in DVB-H receiver, making it possible for users to watch and record live TV at any time. Based on open standards, DVB-H is the leading mobile-TV broadcasting technology, enabling low-cost delivery of high-quality broadcast programs to mass audiences."

World’s first phone to receive digital telly - no mobie operator, no downloading, no streaming. 

Nokia N92 image 2

Nokia N92 Features

2.8-inch display
16 million color display
Two mega pixel camera 
DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld) technology for broadcasts to your phone
GSM 900/1800/1900, UMTS 2100MHz
Battery power: Four hours of video viewing
90 MB memory
2 GB memory storage card
Expected price of the Nokia N92: £400, 600 Euros
Dual-orientation keypad
Infrared, Bluetooth, USB 2.0
The Nokia N92 is a clamshell phone, though different looking. 
Additional camera for video phone calls

Nokia N92 image 3The View mode is for watching TV and video - just flip it open and hit the Multimedia key. TV channel information is available for the N92 through The Electronic Service Guide (ESG). 

The built-in Nokia web browser has the so-called Mini Map, which has a sort of superimposed zoomed-out pic of the page so the Nokia N92 user always knows which portion of the web page you are on.

Music maniac? Shouldn't be a problem - you have the capacity to store 1500 songs. Take that, Motorola ROKR!


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