Sex, lies and MMS: Bollywood talking

Fake MMS clips flood India, as Bollywood actors such as Kareena Kapoor, Kollywood heroines such as Trisha Krishnan and sportstars such as Sania Mirza become the latest victims. Those are the fakes. But there are more celebrity, voyeur and nondescript MMS clips travelling the wireless spectrum.

The MMS sleaze is here to stay. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor seems to be the favourite star in the shady alleys of MMS sleaze, with a video clip of her undressing in an unidentified location swarming the mobile phones in the country with stunning speed.

The sequences of the MMS clip is mundane: Kareena (or her lookalike) enters the room, closes the door and undresses. The twist is that the once bitten Bollywood beauty suddenly realises some thing fishy and turns her back. In the portals of knowledgable experts in such matters, the theory is that while the womain the MMS is Kareena Kapoor herself, what you see when the Bollywood actress undresses has just been shoddily photoshopped on to the actual video.

Curtains down on the show, but the issue simmers across Bollywood, where sleaze, underworld links and outlandish behaviour are as common as the sets of third rate flicks.

Of course, the sleazy MMS clips do not target Bollywood stars alone - there is a so-called Sania Mirza MMS clip in circulation, which so apparently is fake, featuring some two-bit foreign actress. 

Privacy destroyed

One can ignore the fake MMS clips as a necessary evil all celebrities have to face. But voyeurism - now that's a different story, much more evil and dangerous than an easily verifiable morphed video clip. Can a strict security blanket be thrown over the stars as the race against time from sets to stages to complete their scheduled engagements, which, more often are more than what is physically possible. The options before the industry aren’t encouraging, but not impossible. Just how does an actor or actress ensure that private moments stay private? Carry around electronic big tracking devices into the toilet?

Actors can ensure a privacy clause in their contracts, which puts the onus of any such unscheduled clippings arising during the filming schedule squarely on the production house. Now, not many producers will entertain such a clause as the stars cannot be confined to the sets or location alone while during the contract period. They move around in various places unconnected to the filming schedule and a prank could happen in most of these places. May be sets alone would do. At least.

Then movie contracts themselves are dicey given that in most cases the dates alone are assigned to the producers. Not even the “oneline” could have been decided when the dates are given. In many cases the acting contract itself is a “verbal” and could just originate from an unnumbered call from abroad, as it has been alleged many times. Not much imagination is needed to apprehend how underworld Don Abu Salem’s moll Monica Bedi landed some Bollywood roles for those who have seen Marlon Brando’s Godfather.

And what about stage shows abroad? And how many of the stage shows abroad are stage shows alone? There seems to be a lot of muck involved in all these and Bollywood will have to hesitantly accept that sleaze is not confined to MMS clips originating from closed doors of changing rooms where the unsuspecting stars are caught in-camera. Sleaze permeates the system which churns out muck in the name of films and camouflages the dubious mysteries which propel the industry in the name of film making.

Bollywood capitalising on the MMS mania

And remember, Bollywood itself may be the inspiration for many such clips. A film was promoted recenmtly by circulating a steamy MMS clip of Koena Mitra and Fardeen Khan. All this suggests that clips, no matter their authenticity, will continue to emerge from time to time.

...and MMS clips past

The Kareena MMS clip is the second one involving the actress, the first one being her smooch clip with boyfriend Shahid Kapoor in a posh Mumbai club. This, after being hotly denounced by the couple, was forgotten pretty quickly. A MMS clip purportedly showing actors Ashmit Patel and Roya Sen was hotly debated, but was quietly ignored by both the concerned parties, giving rise to massive speculation on the internet without any conclusive decision one way or the other. Down south, actress Tamil star Trisha was supposedly filmed in the bathroom of a luxury hotel and the MMS clip made way to mobiles as well as the internet. This was one of the first celebrity MMS clips that appeared in India, and is generally believed to be of someone else barely similar to Trisha.

For the love of MMS

The MMS clip craze that has spread in India has not ended, is not going to end, and is gioving sleepless nights not only to Bollywood starlets but even to ordinary people. A spycam is extremely easy to install, as an old man who rented out his house to some working girls proved. In the recent rape case of a South African NRI model in Mumbai who was allegedly drugged and kidnapped, the victim has told the police that she believes the incident was filmed. More MMS clips were discovered on their mobile phones. Good-looking streetwalkers now offer MMS packages for filming their services, and small mobile phone shops offer such MMS clips on CDs and memory cards to their teenaged customers. Thanks to the worldwide pattern of men wanting to photograph women, and women wanting to be photographed by men and the ease of use of creating an MMS clip, a barrage of MMS clips are hitting India. And probably, there is no way out. After all, wasn't it Paris Hilton who said that who has not ever videographed themselves in a sexual act at some stage in their life. Who indeed.



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