Ponds Femina Miss India 2006 final 26 participants

Complete list of the remaining participants of the Ponds Miss India 2006 contest.

12 February, 2006

India’s premium beauty pageant, the Ponds Femina Miss India 2006, is getting into the final stages. The 26 contestants, from whom the final ten will be selected for the March 18 showdown in Mumbai, has been selected. It’s a mix of the beauty and the brains. These supermodels come from varied backgrounds and have diverse interests ranging from interior designing and modeling to travel and social work. We take a look at the women who seeks the coveted Ponds Femina Miss India title 2006.

Aarohi Misra

With interests ranging from sports and creative arts to painting and reading apart from air-rifle shooting and swimming, 19-year-old Aarohi Misra likes to dabbles in most experiments which makes life a better experiment. But every one would like to pursue a career which is their dream and when it comes to that point, Aarohi would not hesitate to chose acting. May be, many others who set the ramp on fire has set a precedent for this young beauty.

Aishwarya Sakhuja

Many people ask if she is indeed another incarnation of Ash. Only time will tell that, but Aishwarya Sakhuja has it all in her to make that grade, observers say. This wannabe Ash is an animal lover and moreover, she loves to travel. Travel should be a main item in her agenda if she wins the coveted crown, but for that she has to pass another hurdle. Aishwarya Sakhuja wants to be a model. Good luck.

Amruta Patki

Amruta is another model who loves reading and traveling. And her aim in life is to become a successful model. The lanky model yearns to make a name in modeling circuit internationally as she believes that she has the potential. Patki was also Miss Malad in 1999.

Anshu Sisodia

If you thought beauty and brains don not jell, here is a dissenter. Anshu Sisodia has a passion to learn new languages and is a keen observer on the fluctuations in the bourses. Moreover, she isn’t keen on a career in modeling and instead seeks higher studies. This really is a wonderful digression from the ramp. She was also an anchor for a popular health fitness show on TV.

Darshika Saxena

This twenty-year-old Psychology student from Panaji, the capital of India’s tourism capital, Goa, is yet another contestant who is different. This can be gauged from the fact that her first love is para-sailing. Darishka is also keen to take up a career in fine arts.

Deepa Rajan

Deepa, who was crowned, Miss Chennai last year (2005), also took part in the Miss Intercontinental 2005. Deepa Is a travel lover but when it comes to career, modeling is where her heart is

Garima Parnami

It’s not this 21-year-old Delhi model is on a social mission. She wants to make the society to take up its responsibility towards the ill. Such lofty ideals apart, Garima loves music. Did any one say that music can heal ailments?

Gehna Judge

This 18-year-old, who will compete for the crown is a creative artist. She wants to pursue a dream career in Bollywood. Gehna’s hobbies include sketching, but she needs to be more than sketchy to pursue her dream career. You never know who makes it in Bollywood.

Jaituni Desai

Bangalore-based Jatuni Desai has a passion for swimming as well as for basketball. And a career in business management is what she is looking for and not just the ramp. But this aspiring entrepreneur is definitely not going to miss a try at the Ponds Miss Femina 2006 contest.

Jyotika Sirohi

Pune-based Jyotika is a picture of confidence. This student of Army College institute has given her heart for dancing and adventure sports. Though modeling is a different ball game, there is nothing you can’t achieve when you have a will.

Meenakshi Karan

Delhi-based Meenakshi Karan is another contestant who loves sketching. But make no mistake, modeling is where she has put her efforts into and will continue to do so. And when the aim is clear, nothing else matters.

Montu Tomar

This Delhi-lass sure is a class apart. Her ambition is to start and work with a non governmental organisation. That is a nice way of reaching out to people. Her motto is” “Everything in the end is alright and if it isn’t all right, it is not the end”. Not bad at all.

Natasha Suri

Yet another of those glamour dolls who share a passion for travel, Natasha is focused as far as her career ambitions are concerned – she wants to be a ,model. And that’s why she has channel V’s Miss Gorgeous 2004, Miss Country Club 2003 and Miss Enchante 2003 adorning her show case.

Neha Ahuja

Dance is her alter ego and style is her essence. But Neha Ahuja would like to do much more than that. The Miss Delhi wants to go for higher studies. And belief in her self is what powers her.

Neha Julka

Twenty-one-year-old Neha Julka’s aim is to start her own production house. And she loves playing the guitar. The woman in her likes to imbibe the quality of being traditional and yet modern.

Neha Kapoor

Mumbai’s Neha’s Kapoor’s interpersonal skills are her forte and she would ideally flaunt it. This voracious reader wouldn’t like to settle with desi crowns alone. She wants to go global. Who’s stopping?

Neha Misra

Yet another lass with the Neha tag, this one would like a career in films. Before you jump into some conclusions, she tells you that she would like to work behind the camera and not in front of it. This 20-year-old also likes to read a lot. Good going.

Neha Uppal

This 25-year-old is a poet. Naturally, reading is her passion. But she is damn sure that while both poetry and reading will remain her passion, modeling is her career.

Niyati Joshi

Pune-based model is a television actress. Music and dance is what she loves but again ramp is and will be an integral part of the life of this 21-year-old. Now, she hopes to do the talking at the ramp.

Parineeta Chaudhary

If elegance is the name of the game, this Delhi-based model is the winner. Children and music are this graceful woman’s weaknesses. And she would like to represent India in the world. No complaints.

Pooja Sharma

This one is straight out of the kitchen! Jokes apart, Pooja likes delicacies and loves cooking. And apart from modeling she wants to be a television anchor also. That could be a recipe for success.

Radhika Rao

Always on the look out for new experiences, traveling is Radhika’s pet obsession. She has this enduring quality of promising herself something and making that happen. Well, for that, you really need character.

Romil Shrivastava

A unique blend of western and Indian culture is what this beauty is aiming for. She would like to take up a career in modeling and to spend valuable time with children.

Sonali Sehgal

Twenty-year-old Sonali Sehgal bets on dreams, and loves to eat out, travel and read a lot. She emphasises that she has the will to make her dream come true.

Sananda Tilottama 

2005 runner up, Pantene India Zeen Queen Winner 2003, this Kolkata model plans to add more coveted prizes to that list which she owns. Travelling and eating out are her hobbies.

Tanya Vakil

This aspiring interior designer has designs on the ramp. Designing comes naturally to this 22-year-old but modeling is the destination.


Magic is what this Elite Model Look India second runner up of 2004 seeks in life That wouldn’t be a tall order for this 5.9 inch model. The countdown has started.



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